Maximum visual experience and intense connection with the surrounding nature.

Our aim was to achieve the maximum visual experience and an intense connection with the surrounding nature in our proposal project in Costa Rica.

At the heart of the entire complex is the main building, which features a panoramic terrace with outdoor seating and views of the Uvita River, a restaurant, reception, coworking space, and cascading pools. The second floor is dedicated to silence and meditation with magical views of the Pacific Ocean, tropical jungle, and mountains at the same time.

The main building is complemented by eight corner villas with terraces located on the hill. The villas offer a communal public space for al fresco gatherings, yoga classes, or tasting delicious tropical fruits that guests are free to pick themselves from the huge pots in the garden.

The last part of our design are the cabins and residences for the owners. We have placed nine small cabins on a steep slope, the main advantage of which is the spectacular view. Each of them also offers guests privacy on the terrace. We designed the small cottages in two versions and they are accessible from the main building. The resort’s owner’s residence consists of four units on two floors. It includes a living area, a bedroom, and a terrace with a fruit tree growing through it. The building is noticeably larger than the other properties. We, therefore, decided to minimize its volume and partially recess it into the hillside.






Costa Rica