Three concepts, one city - Southbank Bratislava

The first of our proposed concepts is riverside living. Our goal was to create housing surrounded by greenery and water. Therefore, the proposed residential development features views and vistas of the Danube or terraces and front gardens. Closer to the Apollo Bridge, we are locating a smaller office development with a central public space that serves as a “foreground” to the bridge itself and as a “gateway” further into the area along the view axis of the bridge. This creates a pedestrian and bicycle connection between the site, the south bank, the Apollo Bridge and the north bank, and eventually Petržalka.

The second design concept for Southbank Bratislava is the southern city, where we have placed the tallest design objects in accordance with the regulations of the block. This creates the potential to create a new centre for the Southbank. The basic urban structure is based on a perpendicular rational structure and on two main axes – the axis of the central park and the axis of the Apollo Bridge. At the intersection of these two axes, a vibrant centre of the whole area is created. The predominantly office buildings will be complemented by a single residential tower – the tallest slender landmark of the entire skyline.

As the third concept for Southbank Bratislava we designed solitary, dynamic objects growing out of water and greenery. In this way we reacted to the surrounding difficult to grasp area defined on one side by traffic roads and on the other side by the as yet undeveloped area intended for the construction of an oval sports hall. Our proposed “sculptural” composition of office and residential buildings with deliberately composed views and axes can work regardless of what happens in the surroundings. At the same time, it will add more organic shapes to the South Bank skyline as a counterpoint to the materially simpler central section.


Martin Krupauer, Pavel Kvintus, Martin Sedmák, Andrej Kacere, Veronika Dolejšová, Tamara Crhová


Offices, retails and residential houses


Penta Real Estate




Bratislava, Slovakia