"We do not aim at rebuilding complexes from the ground but develop them into a self-sufficient, sustainable locality with a strong atmosphere using all available sources the city offers to us."

The goal of the concept is to find a viable theme of the new use of the west section of the Teplárny compound and the adjacent section of the former Mosilana textile factory without destroying the historical value of the place. We want to transform the current Špitálka brownfield into a busy, modern neighbourhood, a trendsetter of the contemporary life, work, and leisure, and this way start an entirely new revitalization of the Brno’s area called Cejl. Following the motto “no destruction but evolution”, the so-called CITY HUB, employing modern trends in architecture,  will be a locality that will become a meeting point and a place for a sustainable approach to life.

According to modern housing trends, the new neighbourhood should be a WORK AND LIVE locality. We propose to establish flexible, open, multi-purpose units used for work and living. These units will be flexible to allow their inhabitants to interconnect, make them smaller or larger freely. It is how the architects want to develop a lively structure that will change according to the actual needs of their users.

The cooling tower, unused for a long time, will remain the local icon. Nevertheless, we want to breathe an entirely new spirit into it. The cooling tower’s interior will be converted into an EVENT HUB that will provide space for the presentation of primarily companies or people residing in the CITY HUB. The tower will, at the same time, offer breathtaking views to Brno. The two existing naves of the industrial halls will be converted into a CULTURE HUB. Its simple and open design will allow quickly to adapt the hall for different cultural events as needed by an event’s specific production or dramaturgy. The existing archives of the Teplárny Company will this way convert into COWORK HUB that will, in the future, become an incubator and the centre of newly established surrounding work areas. 

In our design, we also engage the roofscape in an unfriendly industrial neighbourhood to establish a unique public space. New roofs, together with sports grounds, greenery, gardens and a four hundred meters long “skywalk” connecting all buildings and running through the cooling tower will offer impressive views as well as an original possibility to spend free time. Likewise, roof greenery will contribute to the decreasing of the local heat load.




Brno City