In the capacity of author, general designer or special part designer, we provide or mediate all services related to the preparation, negotiation and subsequent implementation of buildings. We have experience working for both the private and public sectors.


Comprehensive services in the field of spatial planning and development. Preparation of development plans for large urban areas, land use planning, development assistance, destination management, land reconversion. All with the aim of finding an ideal, balanced and, above all, realistically feasible and sustainable concept for the development of a given location.


Forover thirty years we have been cooperating with famous world architects with their projects in the Czech Republic - such as Jean Nouvel, BIG studio or Sou Fujimoto. Similarly, we have the utmost respect for every investor with whom we can realise their project abroad. We approach the assignment with the utmost professionalism and knowledge of international cooperation.


The A8000 studio includes a team of experienced managers who can open up debate over complex territories and prepare major constructions for public and private entities. We set projects in motion and take them through to negotiation of a stakeholder agreement, memorandum, architectural competition or signing.