As one of the two founders, Martin has been associated with the studio from the very beginning. Thanks to his experience and cooperation with Jiří Střítecký, he has made A8000 what it is today. He participates in the design and implementation of buildings, while passing on his knowledge and attitudes about architecture and strategic urbanism and more.


Our work is based on both creativity and artisanship – on the creative process from the whole to the last detail. An essential part of our work process is the creation of models, scale models and designs from various materials. Working with the models allows us to work better with the space, shape and details.


We rely on the quality and functionality of our buildings – however, their artistic value is just as important to us.


The designs and constructions we have worked on have been tried and tested for years. For projects to run smoothly, we have both architects and experts in selected design professions in the team. We consult with experts in many specializations.


Working abroad and working with foreign architects is important to us. Thanks to this, we have the opportunity to participate in projects from around the world and work with names such as Jean Nouvel, Frank Gehry and Sou Fujimoto. Our team of foreign architects and students ensures that our designs are not tied to Czech architectural trends.