The train station dates back to 1908. Our aim was to bring the listed building into the 21st century sensitively, but in a way that fully meets the needs of today's passengers.

The train station in České Budějovice has been serving passengers for more than a hundred years. The reconstruction of the departure and arrival hall, the new shopping arcade connected to Lannova třída and the new rest area were designed in intensive cooperation with the conservationists and with respect for the original form and with emphasis on maximum functionality.

The basic architectural principle is purity and a return to the original simple colour scheme. The interior spaces have been cleansed of visual smog and inappropriate additions, the historical wall mosaics by the artists Boukal and Březina from the 1970s bearing motifs of the South Bohemian landscape and České Budějovice have been preserved and professionally restored, the end elements have been harmonised into a uniform design and the building has been given a new information system and waiting area.

The reconstruction includes the construction of a new shopping arcade, connecting the new entrance to the building from the north with the main concourse. This creates a direct connection to Lanna Avenue, the main link between the station and the centre of České Budějovice.

We also focused on the transformation of the station forecourt. It is now complemented by trees planted in a regular pattern or a drinking water fountain. The outdoor and indoor furnishings are unified in the same materials and colours, so the neat interior flows symbolically into the public space and vice versa.


Transport construction

Design authors:

Martin Krupauer, Hana Chalupská, Petr Hornát, Ondřej Ženožička, Richard Valek


Správa železnic




České Budějovice, Czech Republic