Democratic learning, openness, creativity and joy.

The school stands at the interface between the village and the countryside. We have therefore designed it as a place that connects to its surroundings and that teaches you to explore and discover the world around you in new ways.

The design of the school is based on a rectangle, which includes the schoolyard and the square in front of the building. This compactness is important to the design as it allows for economic, operational and environmental frugality and moderation. The stone cladding of the facades of the main entrance and schoolyard are reminiscent of outbuildings such as the hop dryers that stood there previously.

We designed the layout and interior of Pode Vsí School to promote democratic learning, openness, creativity and joy. The classrooms are deliberately designed as squares, allowing the teaching to be adapted to suit the needs and for the youngest children to find a place to play or rest. In the interior, the use of wood evokes the village character, the naturalness of the materials and the ecology of the building. With our solution we wanted to ensure an optimistic atmosphere in all areas of the school.

The main technological element of the Pode Vsí Primary School is the green roof with photovoltaics, which is visible at first glance. In addition to the sun’s energy, it also collects rainwater, which serves as watering for the garden, the growing area and improves the surrounding microclimate in the form of a small open water area. A green belt of trees surrounds the entire site, separating the school grounds from the road and adjacent fields. It will prevent dust and noise from agriculture and surrounding traffic. It will create visual amenity, provide shade, a place for outdoor learning and a healthy microclimate.

The various sustainable elements of the school site layout are as visible as possible and help to develop the natural curiosity of the school’s pupils. Watering your school garden with water captured on your own roof may not only be environmentally friendly, but also educational.


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Svazek obcí Pode Vsí




Odolená Voda, Czech Republic