The Brno-Heršpická office and commercial centre consists of three separate buildings – the building H (high), M (medium), and L(low). Names H, M, and L express the conceptual intent to divide the building according to standards; these names project into the used structural solutions and selected materials. The goal of this masterplan is to make sections of the compound more attractive and create an inviting landmark, a sort of a gate into the city (high-rise building H), and, at the same time, allow the investor another, more economical construction (building B). The longitudinal centrelines of the buildings establish a triangle isosceles; buildings’ footprints follow a similar scheme. Parallels define the scheme; a cylindrical segment curve warps the lateral shorter sides. So, the building’s shape can be likened to a sort of flattened cylinder. However, the axes of these cylinders differ. The building H’s centreline is at 19° to the vertical line; the building inclines towards Heršpická (street). The building M’s centreline also tilts at 19° but to the opposite side than the building H. The building L’s centreline is vertical. This way inclining centrelines form a dramatic composition even more supported by the different heights of the buildings. The result is a very dynamic space. The substructure has three storeys. Buildings are independent, and their construction can be phased. There will be an underground car park providing 977 parking places, technical facilities, and storage rooms in the basement. Two independent car entries/exits are designed leading into/out from the building. The first one is on the western side of the compound, near to the OMV petrol station. The second car entry is on the SE side of the compound, close to the assumed connection to Pražákova (street).  Each building can be entered either from the underground car park or the grade on the ground floor level through a lobby with a reception. The lobby is always positioned in the centre of the layout, with direct access to lifts and the interior staircase; it is oriented towards the internal garden. There are retail units with shops, restaurants, coffee bars, a fitness studio, and other services on the ground floor. A canteen for employees is on the ground floor of the building L, approximately in the middle of the floor plan. Higher floors are designed for rent to different tenants as offices.  The internal layout of these floors responds to their specific needs. A garden is designed into the internal area between the buildings for relaxation and recreation of employees. The form draws from the tradition of Moravian historical Renaissance gardens and works with geometrically designed greenery.


Offices and retail


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