Medard awarded in the Building of the year of the Karlovy Vary Region

Our project for the transformation of the surroundings of Lake Medard won 3 awards in the competition Building of the year of the Karlovy Vary Region:

  • winning in the Project of the Year category
  • 2nd place of the expert jury
  • the prize of Stavebnictví magazine

The success couldn’t be achieved without our client, the SUAS GROUP.

About Medard

The Medard site covers a total area of 2,000 hectares, of which the water surface of the lake is 500 hectares, which is twice as large as Lake Mácha. The aim of our study was to propose a functional solution for the land use around the lake with an emphasis on sustainable development, ecology and employment. It is the largest project of this type in the Czech Republic.

For us, the beauty of the area was crucial for the successful development of its quality of life, but also function, economy, ecology and the concept of a smart green location, demography and sociology. The area around Lake Medard is a huge opportunity for the development of the entire Karlovy Vary Region. Other flooded lakes, such as Lake Milada in the Ústí nad Labem region, have always been designed primarily from the perspective of landscape architecture and as a place for recreation. Of course, we are thinking about that too. However, we are aware that restoring a balanced cultural landscape brings new life to the site, which the Sokolov region needs. Working with data and analysing what is best in terms of overall transformation and investment was key to our proposal. Only in this way can a place develop in a truly healthy and effective way.

We built the development of the Lake Medard site on 6 pillars:

Among these pillars is the principle that a FREE STATE IS ALL. It will remain undeveloped and offer a pedestrian and bicycle path. Other pillars are the CITY “HARBOR” district, which uses the eastern shores of the lake and the landscaping and shoreline or transportation infrastructure already in place, and WATERSIDE HOUSING, which will be the initiator and positive flagship of the entire transformation. The third pillar is the HOUSE “ISLAND”. A modern technologically intelligent building of the 21st century literally growing out of the water. Another key characteristic of the transformation is LIVING OVER THE LAKE, where the design cleverly uses the edges of the terraces and the terraces themselves, which were created by the original excavator movement. Of course, there is also space for SPORT AND RECREATION and the construction of a SMART LOCATION.