Cooperation on the new design of the main railway station in Brno

The architectural study of Brno’s new main railway station has been completed, on which we are cooperating with the Dutch studios Benthem Crouwel Architects and West 8 as local architects.

The work of local architects is an important part of our expertise. Thanks to our experience, we have been able to participate in the successful completion of many projects in the Czech Republic designed by foreign architects. In the case of the Brno railway station, we ensure a complete technical solution – this concerns, for example, the statics, but also that everything is designed in accordance with the standards of the Czech Republic. Another integral part of the cooperation is communication with investors and the relevant state administration authorities. In this case, communication with the conservation authorities was particularly important with regard to the height of the proposed buildings.

In the case of the station and its surroundings, great emphasis was placed on the design of the blue-green infrastructure and the overall sustainability of the project, which involves, for example, close cooperation with the administrators of the Morava river basin or the environmental department of the City of Brno. We are now waiting for comments from the investor, which we will be processing in the coming months.