Sports and leisure complex

České Budějovice will have a new sports and leisure area by the river with a beach. The riverbank is full of life, swimming in the river, easily accessible recreational meadow, pedestrian corridor, new cycle path, quality gastronomy, playground for children, beach volleyball, workout and parkour. All this will be offered by the new complex on the left bank of the Vltava in České Budějovice. The unmaintained periphery will be transformed into a lively place full of sport and culture. Our proposal builds on the strategic study City and Water 2020, in which we highlighted the potential of the river in the city. The city has already tendered for the contractor for the first phase and plans to open it later this year in summer.

Turning the city back to its rivers

The overall concept of the site transformation is based on several basic principles. The cycling traffic is going to be moved to the edge of the area and a new cycle path will run through the area near the neighbouring halls. The existing cycle path will be transformed into a lively pedestrian promenade. The fundamental aim is to turn the site into a year-round recreational area. This involves not only quality site facilities, but also a long-term strategy of operation, organisation of events, maintaining the atmosphere, level of service and quality maintenance.

The activities of the site are concentrated in two main centres of gravity of the area, the interface of which is the existing cycle path located on the crown of the flood control embankment. The lower part is the lowered area between the dam and the Vltava River. Here, grass and sandy beaches, four beach volleyball courts, bathing piers and benches with a view of the Vltava River will be created. A new terrain staircase will ensure better interconnection of the recreational areas. Sun loungers, umbrellas and other sports equipment will be available for rent at the upper part of the area. The project also includes a seasonal event area with a capacity of up to 1,500 people.

The upper part of the area forms a triangle between the existing cycle path and the commercial areas. Various types of children’s and sports playgrounds, green areas, recreational and sports facilities, and a cultural centre or central “square” are proposed in this area. The imaginary social centre of the recreation zone consists of modular containers complemented by wooden terraces and clay areas for outdoor seating. The container design co-creates an informal environment. The modular assembly also includes a viewing platform. Part of the roofs will be used for terraces with seating, while the rest will be covered with extensive greenery. Visitors can use a café, bistro, sports equipment rental, changing rooms, sanitary facilities and a stage for various sports, music and other cultural events.

In the southern part we can find a workout area and a parkour playground. The children’s playground is located north of the workout area and offers play elements for all ages. Everything will be done in natural materials and a subtle colour palette inspired by nature. The first phase also includes a beach volleyball arena with two professional courts and field bleachers.