Our proposal fulfils all three pillars of sustainability - economic, social and environmental. We want to create a lasting life here, based on the needs of the locals and leading to the development of the eastern part of České Budějovice into a vibrant part of the city.

Teplarna České Budějovice is about to undergo a complete transformation. By 2029 at the latest, it should switch to a more environmentally friendly way of waste disposal. The company ZEVO Vráto therefore announced a competition workshop for the Energy Park České Budějovice, which had three competition parts – design of the perimeter of the ZEVO building (1), elaboration of an ideal vision for further use inside the premises (2) and elaboration of an ideal vision of the valuable surrounding landscape (3). We won in the second area. Our vision is a proposal based on the needs and interests of the local community.

Not destruction, but evolution. We are approaching the existing heating plant site in a sensitive and sustainable way. We propose to largely retain the existing buildings, structures and facilities and infuse new life on and off site. We propose to transform part of the old heating plant as a FabLab – a multifunctional centre for meeting, education, technology, research, work and entertainment. This will humanise the site, revitalise it and connect it to local partners and the community.

In the northeastern corner of the premises we place the university dormitories of VŠTE ČB. The construction is a utilitarian modular construction, with the possibility of phasing. The connection with the scientific and community facilities of FabLab will bring mutual synergy and life to the campus all year round.

The attractive public space with areas for relaxation and leisure is directly connected to the landscape path from the centre of Vrat to the VŠTE.

To find a new life for the former heating plant, we worked primarily with Make More, the company behind the Maker Faire festival network, which focuses on popularising technology, science and creativity.


Urbanism and development


Make More, Ateliér Krejčiříkovi


Teplárna České Budějovice


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České Budějovice, Czech Republic