It is a new building connecting the České Budějovice’s regional bus terminal to a shopping centre, with platforms on the roof and an underpass connecting it to the railway station. The area is characterized by blocks of buildings requiring the damaged structure of the place be reintegrated. The architecture is defined by a compact block and established by lightweight elements on a heavy base, highlighted by a red bus ramp nicknamed “dragon”. The traffic synergy integrates pedestrian circulation, cars, buses, trains, and transport from the airport. The main pedestrian routes are inside the building. The outside is dedicated only to buses, supply vehicles, entrances to the underground garage, and escape corridors. It is a complex organism connected to the traffic system, including the public transport system.


Title PRESTA JIŽNÍ ČECHY 2006 – 2008 in the category Traffic and Other Civil Structures – new build

Awarded for the overall concept connecting the traffic, service and commercial function in one unit allowing preserve the existing bus terminal directly linked to the local centre and at the same time add a streetscape and commercial facilities to the area. A special attention should be paid to the building’s daring concept of operation and location of the bus parking places on the roof including the design of the roofed ramp.

Acknowledgement Dopravní stavba roku 2007 / Traffic Structure of the Year 2007

Nominated for the title Dopravní stavba roku 2007 / Traffic Structure of the Year 2007

Acknowledgement Build of the Month of November 2007


Infrastructure / industry, Offices and retails


CB – Mercury Center a.s.

Built project:



České Budějovice