The impulse for making the river Becva navigable was the need to protect the town against floods. In our design, we supported the natural character of the river and further developed its social, economic, and recreational potential. The water element weaving its way through the city is a golden vein not yet fully exploited. In a wider town-planning context we concentrate commercial and social energy into specific places in the town centre. We complete the principal axes that together with the new promenade supported by a new development generate town’s future busy core. Logically, a new square is established in the centre of the principal axes between the park and the Chateau. We keep the adjacent riverbanks rather intimate for relaxation and contact with nature. The new winding area by the hospital links not only to the historical form of the river but establishes ecological stability at the same time. A cycling path network runs parallel to the river and crosswise to lateral areas along the opposite riverbanks. Due to the new cycling path on the right bank, we will be able to decrease traffic on the busy left bank and clear the way for three new circuits of different difficulty. A new connection of the riverbanks by a suspended cycling path below the bridge allows installing a fourth circuit close to the raceway and the Rokytenka (tributary). The project also includes remedial works to the slope below the Chateau and its surroundings. The slope must be strengthened. For the local bridges and footbridges are in bad condition and to increase the capacity of the river basin we proposed to deepen the bottom and make the embankments higher partially. A movable flap gate weir with a fish ladder is designed in the town centre. The entire embankment length pulsates due to introduced different types of characters – from a promenade allowing organising markets, concerts and similar events to intimate to an almost wild character of the riverbank used by patients from the nearby hospital and passers by. This diversity should ensure that the place is sufficiently attractive for citizens and visitors to Vsetín.




City Vsetín