The context of surrounding buildings and the entire town centre was crucial for the design of this shopping mall, its current and future appearance. The goal was to undertake a true dialogue between the historic core and the new building by its clear-cut form and function closes the public space. The way the building is shaped responds to the form of the Martin central square and accentuates the vertical of the St Martin church; we tried to integrate it into the urban structure.

Although the building is unique due its size, its roofscape uses the scale and order of surrounding historical buildings it follows. The starting point for the design of the shape and volume was the locality with its scenery of mountain peaks and popularized local architectural principles. This projected into the makeup of façade elements and methods of working with specific materials.

The height of the building and its orientation, hip roofs, ridges, and crown cornices correspond with the surroundings; shaping of facades is an abstraction of the classic structure of town houses. The monochromatic building can be distinguished as one unit, yet its mass is finely articulated. Its major part is veiled in metal façade lamellas set in front of a plastered concrete envelope. Areas of plastered and glazed walls show through this envelope to the surface. This effect triggers a game of light between layers. Lamellas are white with varying widths and distances. Roofing is a white trapezoidal sheet of different profile width.


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OC Martin s.r.o.

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Martin, Slovakia