The brief was to design a full-featured shopping mall corresponding to the modern standard of retail business. A gallery of a mall type with unified architectural design in the interior and exterior that would contribute to the traditional amenities by a modern commercial concept and revitalise the urban surroundings. The overall concept of the building is based on a principle of a clear-cut and well-organised layout, mass and architectural design, respecting of relations, and legibility of the concept.

The shopping mall is rectangular in plan with a rounded corner to the crossroads. Parts of pavements are roofed by a textile membrane on the ground floor. The main mass of the building features two aboveground storeys; the circulation nodes and the main atrium are three-storied. The building also has three storeys in the part housing technology areas and the exit ramp. There is an outdoor parking lot on the roof on the 2nd floor closed by a tall parapet along the perimeter. Technology on the roof of the main atrium on the 3rd floor is partly hidden from view by a screen. The building does not have a basement. The fundament of the layout design is interior shopping malls leading between the main entrances from Čechova and Šířava (streets). These malls establish the circulation backbone, a public space around which rentable retail units are positioned on two storeys. Both mall storeys connected by escalators in the north and south section; public elevators are located in the central part of the mall. This space is daylighted by light shafts from the top.


Offices and retails


PRIOR, obchodní domy, a.s.

Built project: