The new building fills in a macro-block by the main access road to the city. It will reinforce the functional links and relations in the area and complement the street front, support its conversion from a peripheral road to a city avenue. The strong city developing character of the building reflects the surrounding structures, in particular the corner building of the shopping and entertainment centre IGY to which it is connected with two bridges. The project is the 2nd stage of construction of the intracity centre IGY and follows its customer and commercial success. The scale of the structure respects the surrounding developed and stabilized urban area as well as the original, currently removed structures of block development. The building will be in contact with the boulevard through glassed shopping passages at each floor. The parking for customers is on the roof. The fundamental simple shape of the building is complemented with console ring crossed in the axis by glassed cubus of the passage. The passage consists of massive wall with shopping window openings, supported by angular beams bearing the passage glassing. There is a creative element of a ramp – its clear form brings the necessary tension to the block. Two basic materials are used – concrete complemented with glassed surfaces. The dialogue between the “solid and heavy” and “light weight and transparent” is based on the principle of mass combined with air, light and shadows, i.e. typical features of urban architecture.


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