České Budějovice

A multi-function pavilion at the same time serving as a monumental gate to the complex. The entry corridor divides the Pavilion T in to two sections – halls T1 and T2. A strip of membranes stretches from the fair ground’s main gate to the existing Pavilion Z connecting the pavilions both optically and functionally. The east façade is shaped evoking a turbine or its segment consisting of round eaves establishing a façade lining, a folded metal envelope consisting of profile sheets, circular openings, and overhanging membranes. They are hoisted on steel cables shaped as turbine fins and used as shades. A woman lying on her hip was the inspiration for the pavilion’s south façade design.


Title PRESTA JIŽNÍ ČECHY 2010 – 2012 in the category Amenities and Industrial Buildings – New Build

The title was awarded for the architect’s substantial contribution to architecture in the Czech Republic. The new multi-purpose hall has various functions. By its position and shape the pavilion meets requirements on an exhibition space and a space for sporting and social events at the same time.

Nominated for the title Structure of the Year 2012

Nominated for the title Timber structure of the Year 2012, Holzbaupreis – Austria


Art and culture


Výstaviště České Budějovice a.s.

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České Budějovice