2009 – 2014

A closed complex of modernised and new buildings meets the needs of a modern industrial works. There is a new office building close to the river and a bike path, and a repair hall with a crane runway and workshops by the road. Grown trees separate both parts of the complex. The complex will substantially upgrade the original deteriorated condition – green areas will be larger complemented new pathways. The shape and size of buildings respond to the natural shape of the lot and copy its borders. Buildings are mutually positioned to establish differentiated environment outside and inside the area and a screen visually and functionally separating the industrial complex from the main roads. By its morphology and traditional building materials – wood, concrete, glass and steel structures for  shading sails/screens – the oblong office building evokes the relation of the business with water and with water structures. The main wall is clad in wood and window openings cut through it act as a flood barrier at the same time. It is continued by a glazed part, shaded by a system of independent sails set in front and terminated by a reinforced concrete gable roof.


Offices and retails


Povodí Vltavy s.p.

Built project:

2009 – 2014


České Budějovice