The project deals with the concept of the area of the former clothing company in Brno. Following the town development plan and the investor’s intent, a shopping centre was designed accommodating starting tenement flats and a concert hall for an audience of 1,500-3,000. A multi-purpose hall of an organic shape will be clearly visible from afar, and its ambition is to become Brno’s iconic landmark. A modern cultural space for concerts, theatre performances, lectures, conferences, and similar events of this size will be established this way so far missing in Brno. Aside from a shopping centre designed instead of the demolished industrial halls, the compound will include a market located in the only preserved hall. Its renovation and salvage is an effort to maintain continuity and the memory of the place. A new town-forming node will be established in front of the market hall together with the adjacent square and the entrance to the shopping mall. Also, a residential complex is designed in the southern part of the site forming a new urban structure respecting the surrounding development. The buildings compose blocks with intimate internal courtyards. Masses and facades of these buildings are constructed so that housing is of a high aesthetic and functional standard here. The town development plan reckons with a new road in the east part of the investor’s land; we do acknowledge this fact and try to make use of it.  We try to swap the land with the city and complete the development on the opposite side of the street to establish a lively boulevard, not just an unavoidable traffic se


Residential houses, Urbanism, Art and culture, Offices and retails