The borough of Holešovice saw a tumultuous transformation turning it into industrial outskirts of Prague. And it was able to preserve this semi-industrial character until today. On its perimeter, this block mostly consists of houses. There are small shops on the street level. The large internal yard is divided into smaller ones. Our design builds on this principle. Buildings on its perimeter and inner yards inserted among them define the area. The two buildings bordering the block are the office building on the south side and the tenement house on the north side. Their volumes copy the existing situation. The office building is divided into two parts connected by a smaller inserted block. Two light wells are established this way conducting daylight to the bottom storeys. The mass of the office building steps back floor by floor towards the yard. The house is also a volume with recessing storeys establishing terraces. It is extended by loggias to the south. Entry to the yards cuts a passage through the centre of the ground floor. The yard flats connect the existing neighbouring houses and newly designed buildings on the entire footprint. They form a honeycomb of flats each of them enjoying a private garden or backyard. Their layout allows transforming a large flat (2 bedrooms and an open kitchen area/3KK) into two smaller units (two studios/1KK) and vice versa. Some flats have higher ceilings in living rooms allowing insert a gallery that can be used as a study, storage, or a sleeping area. There is a common community area in the middle of the yard. Another useful element is a bike room easily and quickly accessible to residents.


Residential houses, Offices and retails






Praha – Holešovice