Cooperation on the new design of the main railway station in Prague

Henning Larsen Architects won the architectural competition for the new design of Prague’s main railway station with our support as local architects. We are extremely pleased to be involved in the reconstruction of Brno Central Station and to be involved in the creation of another important transport hub.

The main vision of the design is to connect. The architects sought to connect the urban space and create a unified and functional place. This vision has resulted in a design that honours the values of the Fant building, the apron and connects it to the park. The station is intended to become not only a sustainable and functional mobility hub, but also a part of people’s daily lives and a place where they will meet and spend time.

In addition to coordinating the project on site and communicating with local authorities, our collaboration goes deeper this time, where we were invited to collaborate during the final round of the competition and contribute our experience and opinions to the final design.