An idea brought to life on the possibility that architecture may be viewed from any perspective. A new building touches down the roofs of the old one as an UFO and via its bowels integrates into it at the courtyard. The design method also reflects the prize of the land in this location. The used structures and materials contrast with the existing ones – steel element webs wrapped in and sandwiched with glass panes. The new south facade communicates the energy balance of the creative potential.  Problems occurred when we tried to push through the idea of fixing thermal insulation by a silver foil and red discs under perforated aluminium sheets. The Swedes again and again refused to accept this design, to our absolute despair. So we dragged them to the underground garage during the gala dinner.  And there, on a silver carpet, between hanging perforated sheets a model was approaching in red panties and a red bolero. Suddenly all of them were able to perceive the appeal and erotic fantasy of the building.  Well done.



Nomination for the title Build of the Year 2001

Nominated for a built project with a unique architectural and complicated structural design that had cultivated a dull historical building and had created an attractive building in the town centre with respect to the use of nontraditional construction methods.

Prize of the Association of Construction Entrepreneurs of the Czech Republic for a business plan in 2001

Nominated for the best development business plan exploiting an old unused building for business, substantially contributing to the architectural qualities of the city centre.


Offices and retails


IKANO Properties s.r.o.
Balder s.r.o.

Built project:



Praha 1