A sport hall at an attractive place close to the main municipal sport facilities (a swim stadium, indoor ice rink, football stadium) and within a walking distance form the town centre. Clearly distinguished functions of different pars also from the outside, easy orientation for visitors and sportsmen. A complex of buildings – a sports hall, a training hall, an athletic corridor and service facilities. The sports hall for professional sports activities consists of a clearly defined volume on a circular footprint. This arrangement provides the greatest number of seats at the most attractive position. The oval shape of tribunes establishes the true feeling of an “arena” bringing the maximum sport experience for players and the audience. The hall is roofed by timber trusses establishing the main structural and architectural motive of the whole interior. The counterpoint to the hall’s mass is the training hall. It is a simple rectangular prism with round corners and so its volume is completely based on its function. Also this hall has visitor seats that will be mainly used for various tournaments. The whole volume is complemented by a 90 meters long tube of the running corridor inserted between both halls on the 1st floor level. The tube is of an elliptic profile and is an indispensable addition to the whole concept from the perspective of the overall architectural design and the function.




The city of České Budějovice




České Budějovice