The Czech Bar Association’s building is most of all a response to the hidden communication of the inner courtyard, to its alcoves, long, tall and narrow jumps, chimneys, and its vertical motives. It was brought to life, due to the build-up limit, as a game of shapes. The courtyard falling down gave birth to the dynamics; to enjoy it even more we tilted it. We copied the functional elements from neighbouring buildings. The construction, strongly influenced by the styles and trends of that time, naughtily and delicately collapses with a sigh of relief. We drive cars and fly airplanes, like poetry, literature, visit concerts, cinemas, theatres. We drink Coke the same as spring water. We like history. We appreciate the wisdom of old men, as children we have them as our parents, we stretch our arms to them. They repay this with their serenity, wisdom, consideration, and confidence. This is why a new-built internal block is a child to us. This is why it is a fastidious restoration of an old man. It is a relation of a child to an old man, of profligacy and wisdom.


Offices and retails


Czech Bar Association

Built project:



Praha 1